07 Feb

"Now there are World-wide demonstrations going on right now. We're not talking about the people in the streets, although, yes, that is a good demonstration of solidarity, a good demonstration of getting out there, and having the courage to say, 'This has to stop,' or, 'This has to come into being!' But there are many ways. 

"Just by smiling and beaming and having that assurance in your being, radiating out to others, knowing who you really are. If somebody walks up to you and says, 'I don't know why I'm doing this, you know I'm a little - I'm not myself.' That's always a good one, isn't it? 'I'm not myself.' 

"Or 'I just feel like you've got a kind of a glow, happiness, a Joy. How do you do it?'  You just demonstrate it. You can get up in front of a group of people, and teach, and talk as a demonstration. You can sing a song, or dance a dance - that's a demonstration. 

"But demonstrating your ability to create, or to co-create - now that is in a category all by itself!!!  We are demonstrating co-creation of Peace on Earth together. And you are asked and invited to demonstrate this on your own, anytime you wish. What about 'ho'oponopono' to somebody who wants to argue with you? There's a demonstration. That creates Peace!!!

"And on the more physical level - and let's get this real clear, everything that is harmonious, coming into balance, sharing and caring, is worthy. If you desire to live in a house, that is a worthy desire, every bit as worthy as desiring Peace on Earth. Why - because it contributes to Joy! To create it, to have it happen, to call it forth - you contribute to Joy; you are contributing to Peace on Earth!!! 

"You see it all fits together. There's nothing unworthy so long as it brings only Joy - only Joy to you, and only Joy to those around you, or at least nothing which is the opposite of Joy, you see? There is nothing that is too great, or too small for you to create, if it is within your, humm, shall we say, realm of desire to do so. 

"The thing to remember is that you don't want to focus on desiring, or wanting, or needing, because all that gets you is more wanting, or desiring, or needing. It's called lack. You get what you focus on.

"Now, we know, we know, you've heard this before. The secret, the real secret to 'The Secret,' is to get up and out of 3D when you're doing your creations, when you're doing your manifestations. If you are saying, 'Oh, I'm so tired, I have a headache, I'm hungry, I don't feel real good, but I want a shiny red sports car in my driveway now.' What are you going to get? 

"You're going to get more tired, more not feeling good, more headaches, more hunger, and more not having the shiny red sports car in your driveway. You'll just get to want it more. Where you go to get past all of that is up and out of 3D! 

"Now, you can apply your creations, your manifestations, your calling forth, your intentions to something that is very 3D.  Just send it out from a place that is higher than 3D. That's how you get the miracles. That's how you get the job done. That's how you get the creations!!!

"That's it! It's so simple! And remember this, too. Every time that you create, or call forth, or manifest, or however you want to say it, from that higher level, so long as you say, It's done!' or, 'I call it forth into my being NOW!' You see that's a command, that's a calling forth. That's an invocation, calling it in. OK, got it! 

"Are you with me? You literally balance out, or cancel at least five times when you said before, 'I really, really, want' - whatever it is. You see? 

"And when you're calling forth something as broad as Abundance, focus on NESARA. Yes, empower it! "

Extract of Sekhmet's teaching given through Susan Leland 9-27-11.

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