10 Apr

This country is in the midst of a national crisis which reaches into every city, suburb, small town and rural area in America. To even consider solutions, one must be aware of how pervasive it is and its terrible portents for America's ability to recover mentally, emotionally, and economically so we can begin to re-envision the future we want and thought we had.

I became aware of this crisis first by watching the recent movie Ben Is Back, starring Julia Roberts and Lucas Hedges. It will make you aware of how all of our social structure is touched by this epidemic, even in our comfortable-seeming suburbs.  

Then I scanned through numerous videos on YouTube which show the effects in every corner of the country. My reaction after watching these films is that we will not survive as a country we want to live in - unless we confront this issue and change the outcome.  

Fortunately, a video made by KOMO4 News in Seattle gives a solution that is already in place in Providence, Rhode Island that can be implemented with enough compassion, focus and determination by activists in every community affected.

The description and trailer for Ben Is Back is here, and I recommend you find and watch the film in its entirety to understand the scope of the problems.


Then I recommend you watch this 45 minute video on YouTube about a city's problems and a solution enacted by another city. in this country.


There may be other solutions here and around the world that could be found. Compassion for ourselves and others and a passion for solutions will be the key, I believe. 

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