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A Mouse In The House

Mouse wisdom for the here and now.

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Reminders for the Journey - From Sekhmet

Co-create from a place higher than 3D - you can do this by just being happy and kind.

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About Me

I am Fran, the webmaster for the Ashtar's Legacy website  I worked with my best friend and channel Susan Leland for 13 years before she passed in 2017.  Now I carry on the legacy of Ashtar and the Mentors that Susan channeled with twice-monthly conference calls, a subscription newsletter with call transcripts, and this blog.

In addition to my posts, there will be posts from other Ashtar Family members from time to time as the Spirit moves.  To receive call notices, store sales specials and information on legacy topics, we invite you to visit the Ashtar Legacy website to explore the links pages and sign on to our free e-news list:

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  • Kula, Hawaii, United States
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